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Watch the Wedding LIVE!

Click HERE to watch the wedding live. We'll start streaming hopefully around 1230pm Saturday the 23rd. The ceremony should start around 1pm. We may even stream some of the reception live.

Welcome to Our WeddingMoon Website!

Welcome to our WeddingMoon Website. (Say that one 10 times fast!)  This is where we’ll be posting all the Chronicles, How-To guides and FAQ’s.  Not to mention all sorts of photos and other tidbits.  We’ll have the guest directory up here as well as anything else that I find entertaining.  =) 


When I update something on the site,  I'll go ahead and post a blurb here for you all.  That way you're not clicking around all the pages trying to see if I've made any changes. =) 

November 23rd Update

Hello All!!

I've been very very remiss in not updating the site. =(  Between the surgery and its' complications,  I've not been able to spend much time on here.  But that will all change in the near future!!

Look for more wedding info soon!

Happy Turkey Day Everyone!!

September 13th Update

Hello All!

I've made an update to the Airfare page and also uploaded the August Chronicles.   Enjoy!

July 25th Update

The summer is just FLYING  by!!   It's the end of July already!    The kids and I had a  great road trip!  We spent some time in Gettysburg and Hershey PA!    Hershey Park was awesome!  The chocolate was even better!   About a month until they're back in school.    And our Luau is 2 weeks away!!  We're hoping for decent weather so we can enjoy the day (without silly lil ponchos on.)     I've posted the July Chronicles,  Enjoy!    

The one thing that I asked Chris for when he proposed, was to make a memory.  I’m sure he was nervous about it, but he made me a wonderful memory.  On 6/27/09, we had a scrumptious dinner at the Post Office Café in East Greenwich, then had ice cream cones from Papas.   YUM!   From there, we went to Oakland Beach to watch the lightning and waves.  As we sat on the rocks, we were chatting and being all cuddly, and I said something like “Let’s go home.”   Chris, with his arm around me, looks me in the eyes and says “Only if you’ll marry me.”  Of course, I said yes!!!!   Then he pulls out the ring, and magically fireworks appear.  It was PERFECT!   I don’t think he could have planned it any better if he tried.  It was an incredible proposal delivered by the man I love.  Who could ask for more than that!!  And to top it all off, it’s such an everyday moment, that we can go back to those rocks and relive the memory often.  I’ll never be able to go to Oakland Beach again and look at those rocks and not see our proposal “memory”.   I was so full of happiness, and you only get a few handfuls of those moments in your lifetime.  I hope Chris got to enjoy that feeling as well. =) 

Please join us for our engagement party on August 8th.  Invitations will be sent shortly via email and/or snail mail.


June 16th Updates -  June Chronicles Uploaded!

Hello All!!   The June Chronicles are available for viewing!  

I've also added some new Fotos!   I hope this finds you all well and ready to enjoy the summer!

Have fun! =)


June 6th Updates - Passport Page plus Fotos!

Hello All!!    I've added a BUNCH of Fotos to the page and also placed some updated info regarding passport req's on the Passport page!   I hope you enjoy!

Have a wonderful Sunday!   =)

May 19th - Chronicles available for viewing!

Greetings Everyone!!    The May Chronicles are uploaded and ready for you to read!   We've had a busy month,  with even more busyness in store for us!   Summer is almost here,  and there's so much to do to get ready to enjoy it! =)   

I hope you all are getting ready to have a wonderful summer! =)

And as an update we currently have 12 cabins booked!!    The time is flying by!   It's hard to believe that it's been over 6 months since we've decided to have a WeddingMoon! =)    But I'm not scared, yet! =)   Ask me a few days before!

I hope you're enjoying this journey with us! 

April 14th - Chronicles Uploaded

I'm a lil slow on the uptake this month,  but the Chronicles are finally up!  I know you all sit and check this hourly,  so you can breathe easy now! =) 

I hope everyone is doing wonderfully!! =)

March 9th - Chronicles are up!

The March Chronicles are up and available for your viewing pleasure!

Enjoy! =)

February 28th - Passport page & Links!

The Chronicles and Passport pages have been updated with some useful info!


February 8th - Chronicles & Passports!

!I've posted the February Chronicles and uploaded the passport page!  Enjoy!

January 15th - Fotos & Guest Book updates!

 I've uploaded a BUNCH of photos from our cruise on the Valor in November 2008.  Hope you enjoy looking at our voyage!

I've also posted a music question on the Guestbook.

Enjoy!! =). 

Welcome WeddingMooners!

Hello All!!          

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you.  Chris and I are so happy that so many of you want to take the time to share the celebration of our marriage with us.   And you’re not just staying through the open bar, you’ve signed on to spend the ENTIRE week in our company.  Not to question your judgment in any way, wink wink. =)   Kidding, we’re thrilled that so many of you are willing to spend your money, your time and your vacation with us.  That’s priceless, it really is.             Through this journey, I will do my best to keep you involved and engaged in the entire event.  I’ll need someone to share all this craziness with. =)   Since many of you are far away in miles, (but not in spirit) the website and Chronicles will (I hope) make you feel a little bit closer to the action. Again, thank you!!   Let’s look forward to having a great time with Family, Fun, and Fotos!! =)

Warm Regards,

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