Allison & Chris' WeddingMoon!


How to book your cabin on the  Carnival Liberty for

Our Weddingmoon!!

I wanted to give everyone all the info they needed to make their cabin reservations.

The process should be pretty painless. =) 

 The cruise portion is being booked directly through Carnival Cruise Lines.  My rep is Luis Brito. He is absolutely wonderful, by the way.  Luis will help you select the cabin that suits your needs.  Let him know how many people will be traveling in your cabin.  Also, please give him my Booking Number so that we can all be grouped together. Luis will group us all together for evening dining.   Once you have your booking number, please forward it to me. That will help me organize price decreases and dining.  We’re going to be dining in the first seating (6:15).  8:30 is just way too late for me to eat.  =)

 A $250 REFUNDABLE deposit PER PERSON is needed to secure a cabin.  The balance is due by November 9, 2009.  You have the option of making payments as long as the entire balance is paid by that date.  If you decided to cancel for whatever reason, the deposit and any monies paid are fully refundable without penalty up to that date.  

 I would recommend booking as soon as you’re able to.  Once the deposit is paid, you have some time to pay the balance. (Thank goodness!)   Booking now allows you to be guaranteed to be on the ship.  It also allows me to include you in the group travel arrangements.  I’m going to start making those the first week in February.  Please let me know your intentions by then so I can move forward.

Feel free to reserve whatever cabin you wish.  You can go for the inside cabin (most economical) or the suite if you’d like.  We’re in an inside cabin on the Empress deck. (7202). It’s the only way I’ve ever cruised, and it’s fine for me. =)   We all don’t need to be on the same deck or in the same hallway.  If you’d like to be near someone, let me know and we’ll see what we can coordinate.   I’ll be providing a directory with everyone’s cabin and info so we’ll all be in contact.  You can’t hide, it’s a big ship, but not THAT big. =) 

Speak with Luis about how you need to reserve the cabin.  If you’re not sure who is going to be staying with you, book the cabin with you alone.  You will be charged the single rate (higher rate) but that will adjust when you add the 2nd person.  They’ll have to pay the current rate, but you would be reduced to what the rate was when you booked.  If you think you may have more than 2 people in the cabin, let Luis know so he can select a cabin that can accommodate everyone.   At that point, at least you would be guaranteed the cabin on the ship.  Cabins can also be changed at a later date if needed.  Luis is great with working with all the scenarios, so explain your situation to him, and he’ll get you all squared away.  

Once you’re booked, you’ll have a booking number and possible a cabin number.  If you would please forward these to me, that would be great. Also, please let me know how many hotel rooms you’ll require.  Other travel arrangements will be made in the next few months.  It’s too soon to book the airfare, but as soon as we can do that, I’ll provide the details on how we’ll be handling the airfare. I’m also looking at the hotels (I want to get a block of rooms) and our choices for shuttles.  I’d like to keep any additional costs as minimal as possible. 

If anyone has any special needs, please let Luis know.  Carnival can accommodate almost anything, I’m sure.  If you have other questions that I haven’t addressed, please feel free to call me (401-226-5210) or email ([email protected]) and I’ll be happy to make you comfortable with the process.  

We look forward to speaking with each of you soon.   We’re very glad that you can join us in our adventure.  

Warm Regards,

Allison & Chris

Contact Info to book your Cabin

Carnival Rep ====

Luis Brito – 1-800-819-3902 Ext. 85413

Booked Under ====

        Allison Fontaine – Booking Number 77DT42

Dining ====

        Main Seating – 6:15pm Ticker