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How to get from the Ft Lauderdale/Hollywood Airport to the Miami Airport and the Red Roof Inn Shuttles

If you’re flying into Ft. Lauderdale, you NEED to get to the Miami Airport to meet the shuttle to the hotel.  You can hire a cab (about $75 for the trip) or you can hop on the train (Tri-Rail) ($3).  If you’re using the train option, you’ll pick up your baggage at the claim, and make your way to the train (via “feeder buses”). (Maps of the airport to be provided)   From there, you’ll pay the operator your fare of $3 and hop on the train!   You’ll go through several stops before you reach your final destination of Miami Airport. 

        When you exit the train, you’ll head out the doors and start looking for the Red Roof Inn shuttle.  It rotates every 30 minutes, but if you don’t see it after that time period, please call the hotel at (305) 871-4221.  This should be a pretty economical and painless way to get us all from our airports to the hotels.  Maps of both airports, the train system as well as schedules will be posted to the website.  The schedule changes, so please confirm via the website the day before you leave.   Also, the phone number is included below if you experience any difficulties.

Please note, the first train leaves at 11:56 am and the last one departs at 9:36pm.  Please keep that in mind when booking your flights.  If your arrival is outside of those times, please plan on an alternate mode of transportation.   You can access a “feeder bus” that will take you directly to the rail station.  The buses are located at the west end of Terminal 1, between terminals 2 and 3, and between terminals 3 and 4. Ticker