Allison & Chris' WeddingMoon!


Homeward Bound

Going Home  =( 

As much as I hate to bring up the topic, it really must be addressed.   We’ll have to go home sometime, even though I’ve tried to stow away in the ship. =)   Wouldn’t it be great to live on the ship year round?  I’d love it!!   =)  Chris says when we retire, we can work on that whole scheme.

Please attend the debarkation talk with our cruise director.  All the information that you need to get off the ship in an organized fashion is reviewed in this talk.  They’ll go over the allowances for liquor and tobacco and other items that can be purchased on ship and in port.  It will be up to you whether you’d like to use the self debarkation method, or if you’d like Carnival to handle your baggage.

Fast forward.  You’ve cleared customs and are off the ship with all your baggage.  Now what?  What are your plans?  Are you staying in FL longer?  Are you heading right to the airport?  Have you booked a post cruise excursion?  Are you renting a car?  Are you hitching a ride?  Once your post cruise travel plans are made, you’ll know how to handle these answers.  If you’re headed right to the airport, I highly recommend the Carnival transfer.  They’ll take you from the port right to the airport.   It’s the same if you book a post cruise excursion, they’ll get you to the airport.  

Flights Home

        Once the ship docks, it takes some time to unload everyone and their baggage.  I would not chance scheduling a flight before 2pm.  Any flight after 2 should be fine to fly back home.   Don’t get yourself into a situation where you’re stressed and rushed to try to make the plane.  Remember, getting to the airport isn’t the end of the line.  You still have to check your baggage, make it through security, and get to your gate. 

Printing Boarding Passes

        More info to follow on this.   Chris is trying to working something out so we can all print our passes from his handy dandy laptop.  =) Ticker